The #KPI Formula

The #KPI formula is designed to assign a value to every game played during a season for each team.  The formula assumes nothing and there are no preconceived notions or numbers assigned in the preseason.  Each team’s value for each of their games is averaged over the course of a season for each team – meaning that every game played counts the same (unlike the weighted RPI).

Everything is based on the number 1.  The worst loss possible is worth approximately -1.0, while the best win possible is worth approximately +1.0 (the best winning percentage a team can have is 1.000).  The best loss may be worth -0.01 while the worst win may be worth +0.01.  A hypothetical tie is worth 0.

The formula is exemplified here through college football and college basketball, however it is applicable in any team sport setting where teams win and lose and there are scores (so basically, everything).

There are several factors incorporated to derive a final value for each game:

Opponent’s Winning Percentage

Opponent’s Strength of Schedule

Game Result

Scoring Margin

Pace of Game

Location (Home/Away/Neutral)

Opponent’s KPI Ranking

Divide by Games Played

All numbers are determined by data throughout the season.  Nothing is preconceived.  Values for the games adjust as more data is compiled.

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